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Here we have books that contain information on different species of sharks, how to identify your shark tooth, and tons of shark facts!

This can be a great way to expand your knowledge on sharks or you can give it as a gift with the shark tooth you purchase!


Book 1


170 pages. Includes close to 400 images, color and black & white.

Get ready to be amazed by all of the different colored teeth, pathologies, drawings, and informational

content that this book has to offer.


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Book 2



This is a very diverse 149 page shark tooth field guide.

It covers many different species found all around the world and is very simple to navigate.



Book 3


Fossilized Shark's Teeth and Fossils

This is a 29 page color Identification guide .

 Includes the majority of the shark teeth found on the South Eastern coast and also shows pictures of other

fossils that you may encounter walking the shorelines and river banks.




Book 4


* Over 250 photos of authorís Florida fossil finds including: sharks, whales, dolphins, mammoths,

mastodons, sloths, camels, alligators, and horses.

* Shows where, when, and how to look and how to preserve your finds.

* Informative, humorous, written using easy to understand language.


Book 5


The first book comes from the Florida Museum of Natural History by the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc. 

 Fossil Vertebrates - Beach and Bank Collecting for Amateurs.


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Book 6


The second book is a field guide from The North Carolina Fossil Club entitled Cretaceous & Paleogene Fossils

of North Carolina.


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Book 7

The third book also comes from the NC Fossil Club and is entitled Neogene Fossils of North Carolina.

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Book 8

This is "The collectors guide to fossil sharks and rays from the Cretaceous of Texas" Written by Bruce

J. Welton PH.D. and Roger F.Farish

This 204 page book has over 150 illustrations and photos!

Over 80 species identified

Comprehensive and authoritative

easy to use.




Shark Tooth Poster

Want something that easily identifies the shark tooth you just bought? Or do you go to the beach and find shark teeth, but have no clue what they are! Have the knowledge of your shark tooth at your fingertips with this poster!

Poster 1

This Great illustrated poster Of our North American fossil shark teeth. It is a 24" X 36" picture with 23 different
species. A must for all collectors 


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Show off your teeth with these plastic stands. Three different sizes to accommodate any size tooth!  Unsure what size you need? Email us!

*Tooth Not Included*












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Small: $1.50  




 Solid Oak Stands With Engraved Brass That Reads MEGALODON

Ideal For Megalodon Shark Teeth 4" to 6"

$20 each or $15 With the Purchase of a Megalodon Shark Tooth 4" +